Hi there… Welcome to my travel diary!

You probably heard of the saying “Born to travel, forced to work.” Well, it is true. I started this blog with the passion to share my excitement and experience in traveling. If you are like me, constantly planning for trips and doing research on the next cities you want to visit, keep on reading. I hope my blog can play a part in planning your next memorable trip…or two…or 100… just as many other bloggers have helped making my trips one step beyond perfect.

When I plan for my trips, like most, I open read up on what to do and where to go (food and picturesque locations included). Except for major attractions, sometimes I come across beautiful photos on the web and I wish I could go there but the directions are not available, or can be a bit confusing to follow. Thus, on this page, I will also be sharing with you the exact global coordinates of my favorite hidden photo spots.

Thank you for reading.

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